This body of work began sometime in the mid 1990's, as an experiment, seeing if I could adhere a dress to a canvas and create a painting over all the textures. "Dress painting" is a term I came up with to explain these when I simply couldn't think of anything better. Over the years they have evolved, with new elements of collage being added. Dress patterns, photographs, and embroidery all appear from time to time, as well as lino block prints, rubber stamps and gold leaf. I will use this space to explore the beginnings of this series, as well as showing my latest work. If the piece is available for sale you'll find the price at the bottom. Free shipping in the U.S. Contact me at kallencole@aol.com to purchase.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's been awfully quiet around here...

Well, I've sorta gone off the deep end. 

If you've been familiar with my work for any time at all, you probably know that I am easily taken down a new path.  Maybe not completely new, but I am switching things up a bit.  You know how the linoleum block prints on the dress paintings came to be the little (elle)ement series?  Well now the (elle)ements have expanded, and grown.  A new group of layered abstract collages have been percolating in my head, and now are starting to come together.

This is a terrible photo, but have no fear, I'll start posting good ones soon.  If you live close by, many of these pieces are having their first wander into the public eye at our Annual Christmas Show at United Bank in Jackson, GA.  And a handful of others are at The Swan Coach House Gallery in Atlanta.

Now if you are feeling the urge to grab me by the shoulders and ask about the dress paintings, have no fear.  You'll be able to find me and the big dresses at several shows this Winter and Spring.  And I am pretty sure this layered abstract look will find it's way into new dress paintings.  I am looking forward to seeing where this all goes!

Once I have these babies back in my hands, I'll get some good photographs taken and get them up for you to see.  So stay tuned!